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The Story Of The Podcast
Fresh Is The Word is a podcast birthed out of Detroit about music and about wrestling hosted by me, Kelly “K-Fresh” Frazier. I’ve been a music writer and a DJ from the Detroit for a long time now and want to bring my loves of music and wrestling all into one entertaining podcast interviewing people and shooting the breeze with my friend.

And you are wondering, how the hell do music and wrestling go together?

Look, music and professional wrestling are both theater in a way. You get these characters that are both based in real life and fantasy. You get these stories. You get tragedy. You get achievement over adversity. You get these larger than life characters. You get something to get behind, whether its a song or a wrestling gimmick. There’s life lesson that can be learned. There’s skill.

But whether it’s music or pro wrestling, there’s always a common bond that can be formed between fans of whatever. Wrestling fans get a lot of crap from people that hate wrestling. You know, those assholes that thinks wrestling is fake (its scripted folks, there’s a difference). But when you meet people that love wrestling, that’s a hardcore bond.

Just like football or baseball or heavy metal or anything, wrestling is something that’s been around for so long that parents can enjoy with their kids, then those kids can one day enjoy it with their kids. Pro wrestling and music are things that can be passed down through generations and still enjoy all those different generations equally. Theater is timeless. Music can be timeless. Pro wrestling can me timeless. They are all timecapsules of what was going on at those times. Dusty Rhodes famous “hard times” promo says A LOT about how your every day working man was feeling at the time. Dr’ Dre’s The Chronic feels what LA was feeling, the powderkeg of an environment surrounding the LA riots.

I love music. I love pro wrestling. And recently, I’ve started to get passionate about mixed martial arts, so I decided to start a discussion about what goes on in the UFC, Bellator, Invicta, and whatever else crosses my path. I see how these forms of theater are both entertaining and mirror what was going on in the world. As dumb as some of any of this shit seems, there is a place for it all, but like anything, there needs to be moderation and balance, thats what this podcast is about. We talk about music. We talk about wrestling. We talk combat sports, but there are genuine real life lessons that can be learned through songs and the squared circle.


Knuckle Up Co-host: Vstylez aka O. Ellis
Home: Detroit, MI
Info: Hip-Hop artist, Former çpl at U.S. Marine Corps, Studied Political Science at Southern University, Pro wrestling and combat sports enthusiast

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