Breakin’ Recordz Episode #1: Dia Frampton reunites with her sister for a new Meg & Dia album, plus a Christmas album!

Breakin' Recordz Episode #1: Dia Frampton

Breakin’ Recordz Episode #1: Dia Frampton – IN THIS EPISODE:

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For the debut episode of Breakin’ Recordz, we bring to you singer/songwriter Dia Frampton, who is one half of the sister duo Meg & Dia. Back on July 25th, Meg & Dia surprised released a new album, happysad, via Pure Noise Records after publicly disbanding seven years prior.

The newly reunited sister act put out of their best work with happysad, and during our conversation, we get into the reasons the sisters got back together to make music again. Dia also talks about her time as a solo artist, being on The Voice, and dealing with being signed to a major label. It was a great conversation with Dia Frampton and she opened up a lot about the struggles behind Meg & Dia breaking up and her solo career, plus she sheds light on the relationship she has had with his sister Meg over the years and how that has evolved.

Recently, after this interview was recorded, Meg & Dia announced their Christmas album, December, Darling, dropping on November 15th!

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