Episode #14: Stitched Up Heart

For Episode #14 of Fresh Is The Word, I talk to the Los Angeles-based hard rock band Stitched Up Heart. I first heard about this band when they were on tour with One-Eyed Doll and they were back in the neighborhood recently as we did this interview at the Ink Addict Flagship store in Ferndale, Michigan. We talked about the epic ping pong battle I witness when I got there, along with how the band started, their new album, working with Another Century Records, kitties, and I even educated them on Detroit strip clubs.

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Kelly "K-Fresh" Frazier
Kelly "K-Fresh" Frazier has been an online advocate for Detroit hip-hop, electronic, and rock music for over a decade now. As a tastemaker in the Detroit scene, he writes about the city's music and culture through various forms of social media along with publications both here in Detroit and internationally. Outside of writing, he is a well-respected DJ within the city who has played numerous gigs in many of Detroit's most legendary venues