Episode #219: Rest In Peace Japanese Wrestler Hana Kimura, Plus Special Guest Dart Adams – Hip-Hop, Film, Culture Writer & Podcaster, and Dart Adams List of Essential Old School Boston Records

Fresh is the Word Podcast Episode #219: Rest In Peace Japanese Wrestler Hana Kimura, Plus Special Guest Dart Adams - Hip-Hop, Film, Culture Writer & Podcaster

Hosted by music/pop culture journalist Kelly “K-Fresh” Frazier, Fresh is the Word aims to tell the stories from a variety of different voices including women, people of color, and the LGBTQ community through the artistic lens of pop culture. Joined by comic creators, authors, actors, comedians, photographers, sex workers, scientists, athletes, and even other podcasters, we talk about many topics including overcoming creative obstacles, representation in the arts, gender and sexuality issues, LGBTQ issues, and other topics adjacent to lifestyle and pop culture.

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The guest for this episode is hip-hop, culture, and film writer and podcaster and proud Bostonian, Dart Adams. Having written for publications like HipHopWired, KillerBoomBox, NPR, Mass Appeal, Complex, and Okayplayer, among others, a collection of his writing was recently featured in the book Best Damn Hip Hop Writing: The Book of Dart via Superchamp Books. Dart is also the host of the podcasts Dart Against Humanity and Boston Legends Podcast. If you follow Dart Adams on Twitter you’ll know why he’s a legend.

And before my interview with Dart Adams, I get into the topic of death with my thoughts about recent harassment and killing of black people in America along with the passing of Japanese wrestler Hana Kimura.

Dart Adams Essential Old School Boston Records:

Maurice Sarr – Bout Time I Funk U (1978/79)
Energetics – She Ain’t Fancy But She’s Good (1978/79)
Blaze – We Come To Jam (1982)
Messinger Service – Get Streetwise (1984)
Kevin Fleetwood & The Cadillacs of Sound – Sweat It Off (1982)
Trigger Finger & The Space Cadets – Defend It U (Video Freak) (1982)
Jonzun Crew – Pakman/Pack Jam (Look Out For The OVC) (1982/83)
Planet Patrol – Play At Your Own Risk (1982)
Slyck – Love It Or (Beat The Bush) (1981)
Glory – Can You Guess What Groove This Is? (1980)
North End – Kind Of Life (Kind Of Love) (1979)
Prince Charles & The City Beat Band – In The Streets (1979)
Larry Wedgeworth & Clique – No More Games (1980)
Dwayne Omarr – The Party’s Jam Packed (1982)
Larry Wu – Let Me Show You (1984)
North End – Tee’s Happy (1981)
North End f/ Michelle Wallace – Happy Days (1981)
Glory – Let’s Get Nice (1981)
Energetics – Come Down To Earth (1979)
Jonzun Crew – Space Cowboy (1983)
Planet Patrol – Cheap Thrills (1983)
Maurice Starr – Come See Me Sometime (1980)
Prince Charles & The City Beat Band – Fresh Game (1980)
The Johnsons f/ Maurice Starr – Jail Bait (Part 1)(1981)
The Johnsons f/ Maurice Starr – Jail Bait (Part 2) (1981)
Ritz – Workin’ Out (1981)
The Future- Nuclear Holocaust (1981)
Starr’s Computer Band – Computer Rock Control (1983)

Fresh is the Word Podcast Episode #219: Rest In Peace Japanese Wrestler Hana Kimura, Plus Special Guest Dart Adams - Hip-Hop, Film, Culture Writer & Podcaster

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