Twin Temple at The Loving Touch, Ferndale, MI – November 23, 2019 (Review/Gallery)

From the moment this devilish duo entered my musical radar, I knew Twin Temple would have the potential, just from their ascetic alone, to become one of those acts that could organically grow a passionate fandom. Drawing from the energies of Satan, Twin Temple doesn’t feel like novelty act at all. Their songs are really good songs, period. Once I learned I could eventually see them live on the opening slot of the Amigo The Devil/King Dude tour, it was one of my most anticipated shows of the year.

Mini-Review: Forgotten Home #1-3 (written by Erica Schultz and art by Marika Cresta)

Through the first three issues of the eight issue digital series Forgotten Home through Vices Press on Comixology, we see Sheriff’s Deputy Lorraine Adalet investigating several strange child abductions happening in an area that never has such crimes happening. Soon enough, Lorraine’s past comes back to haunt her and we find out these children were taken using magic from her homeland, a place she despises and did everything should cool to keep herself and her daughter away from.

Renaissance Soul Podcast: The Sponge “Rotting Piñata” 25th Anniversary Episode with Vinnie Dombroski (S01E02)

For this episode, we are taking a deep dive into the debut studio album, Rotting Piñata, from the Detroit rock band Sponge with the band’s vocalist Vinnie Dombroski. Sponge is celebrating its 25th anniversary of Rotting Piñata and what a better time to reach out and get the dirt on the making of Rotting Piñata and its impact on 90s rock music with huge hits like “Plowed” and “Molly (16 Candles Down the Drain)”.

Breakin’ Recordz #5: DJ Debris of Australian platinum-selling hip-hop trio Hilltop Hoods, currently on the North American leg of The Great Expanse World Tour

The guest for this episode is DJ Debris, member of the Australian platinum-selling hip-hop trio Hilltop Hoods, who are currently on the North American leg of The Great Expanse World Tour. The tour is in support of the their eighth studio album of the same name which marks a total of six #1 albums overall in their homeland — an ARIA record for the most #1 albums by an Australian band.