Doo Wop

Episode #208: Juri Jinnai aka Emergency Tiara – Tokyo-born/NYC-based Artist, Art Pop/Doo Wop Experimental Project, New Album Unsophisticated Circus Available Now

The guest for this episode is Tokyo-born/NYC-based artist, Juri Jinnai, the woman behind the art pop/doo wop experiment Emergency Tiara, who released her album Unsophisticated Circus last Fall. We talked about the new album, Japanese culture, gender identity, her artistic upbringing, the visuals of her projects, touring with The Go-Go’s Belinda Carlisle, reading books, and so much more. Since doing this interview, we have become good friends and continue to keep in touch. She is such a joy to have as a friend.

Twin Temple at The Loving Touch, Ferndale, MI – November 23, 2019 (Review/Gallery)

From the moment this devilish duo entered my musical radar, I knew Twin Temple would have the potential, just from their ascetic alone, to become one of those acts that could organically grow a passionate fandom. Drawing from the energies of Satan, Twin Temple doesn’t feel like novelty act at all. Their songs are really good songs, period. Once I learned I could eventually see them live on the opening slot of the Amigo The Devil/King Dude tour, it was one of my most anticipated shows of the year.